Music Published

We are working on the realization of different types of music, mostly based  and routed to the inner peace, the positivity attitude, relaxation of the mind,  the good harmony, and the depth of  the spirit, where the soul can be transported to intimate spaces, beautifulness, and positive sensations in order to return our souls to the origins of our divine essence of happiness.

For those who may be interested in purchasing, please get into SILENZIO MUSIC

Landscapes of Silence

This Deiahdehl new work contains a series of musical pieces, interpreted with native flutes of different ethnicities, keyboards, voices, percussions, and sounds of the nature. some of the pieces are based upon improvisations, and inspired from spiritual values of the human being, with the aim of establishing a balance between matter and spirit.

Most of these pieces, as well as our previous work, are an expression of wide spaces and deep feelings, which are born from our experiences in different cultures around the world. They can make us connect with our own essence and open   or expand our consciousness. This is why we have given the name to this album “Landscapes of Silence.
You can listen excerpts from this Album.

     "The Health Trianlge"  
      (Music for relaxation, Yoga, Reiki, etc).