Jerónimo and Misericordia

Jerónimo and Misericordia are the founding members of this musical project, whose vision is to transmit Inner peace, good harmony, love, and to elevated the consciousness.

Deiahdehl's music is an eclectic fusion of several different  styles, therefore it doesn't easily fall into a specific genre.

In 1994, Jeronimo and Misericordia (who are also involved in the Visual and Healing Arts) began an inner journey which inspired them to travel to various places to gain experience and to gather information about other cultures, some with ancient traditions, such as the Native Americans and the Vedas of India.

These influences have been incorporated into the melodies and rhythms of Deiahdehl in order to transport the listener to sacred lands where feelings run deep and exotic fragrances linger in the air.

Jeronimo's compositions weave together sounds from nature with instrumentals, which include keyboards, flutes from different indigenous cultures (mostly Native North American), percussion, and vocals; Misericordia's sweet voice accompanies, moving like a soft caress to crown the composition with a magical halo, which serves not only to transport the listener into a state of peace and relaxation, but also to touch him/her on a deeper level and to awaken a new consciousness within, the consciousness of a New Age that is bringing about positive energy to humans and the planet at large.

Having been in numerous bands and collaborated with many musicians of a variety of styles, Jeronimo's experience both as a musician and a composer, along with Misericordia's artistic and poetic sensibilities (reflected in the beauty of her message), distinguish Deiahdehl's live performance as a truly professional experience.

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